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Echo Notification Lockscreen is a lock screen that allows you to conveniently and easily view and manage all of the notifications on your Android device.

When you tap on the unlock button with Echo Notification Lockscreen installed on your device, you can see all of the notifications that you have, divided into different categories: priorities, work, social, others...

You just have to tap on one of the categories to open up the associated notifications. Then, you just have to tap on the notification that you want to view and you will see a drop-down menu where you can delete the notification or set it to remind you again later.

One interesting advantage of Echo Notification Lockscreen is that you can see a preview of the notification from the menu itself. For example, if the notification has to do with a tweet or an email, you can start reading it to see if it is important.

Echo Notification Lockscreen is a simple but very useful lock screen. It's not showy, but it offers everything that you need as soon as your device's screen turns on.
By Erin Teske